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SZITCO: Illuminating Light Industry and Daily Use with Cutting-Edge LED Lights and Lighting Solutions


SZITCO is a leading manufacturer and supplier in the light industry and daily use sector. Modern LED lights, outdoor lighting, and stage lighting solutions are our specialties, and we cater to various applications. We brighten your environment with our dedication to innovation, quality, and energy efficiency, improving visibility, ambiance, and safety.

Cutting-Edge LED Lights

At SZITCO, we offer an extensive range of LED lights designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries and everyday use. Our LED lights combine the latest technology with superior craftsmanship, delivering exceptional performance, energy efficiency, and durability. From energy-saving LED bulbs and tubes to decorative and specialty lighting solutions, we have the perfect lighting products to meet your requirements.

Outdoor Lighting Solutions

SZITCO specializes in outdoor lighting solutions that enhance safety, security, and aesthetics. Our outdoor lighting range includes LED street lights, floodlights, garden lights, and landscape lighting. These solutions are designed to provide efficient illumination, withstand harsh weather conditions, and reduce energy consumption. Whether you need to illuminate public spaces, residential areas, or commercial properties, our outdoor lighting solutions deliver superior performance and longevity.

Stage Lighting and Effects

SZITCO offers a comprehensive selection of stage lighting and effects solutions for mesmerizing stage productions, concerts, and events. Our range includes intelligent moving headlights, spotlights, wash lights, and special effects lighting equipment. We provide cutting-edge lighting technology that enables dynamic color-changing effects, precise beam control, and stunning visual displays. Our stage lighting solutions are trusted by professionals worldwide, ensuring unforgettable performances and immersive experiences.

Quality Assurance and Energy Efficiency

Quality assurance is a cornerstone of SZITCO's operations. We strictly adhere to rigorous quality control measures throughout our manufacturing processes to ensure our products' reliability, longevity, and safety. Our LED lights and lighting solutions undergo comprehensive testing to meet international standards and certifications. Moreover, energy efficiency is a key focus for us. Our LED lights are designed to minimize energy consumption, reducing environmental impact and operating costs.

Collaborative Partnerships and Customer Support

SZITCO believes in building collaborative partnerships with our clients. We work closely with architects, lighting designers, contractors, and end-users to understand their unique requirements and deliver tailored lighting solutions. Our dedicated team provides comprehensive support, from product selection and installation guidance to maintenance and after-sales service, ensuring a seamless experience and customer satisfaction.


Choose SZITCO as your trusted partner in the light industry and daily use of lighting solutions. With our cutting-edge LED lights, outdoor lighting solutions, and stage lighting equipment, we illuminate spaces, create captivating visual experiences, and enhance safety and efficiency. Experience the power of innovative lighting technology, superior quality, and energy efficiency with SZITCO. Contact us today to explore how our lighting solutions can transform your spaces and elevate your lighting experience.

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